About Bethel Kwabenya Prayer Ministry


We started as a prayer group at a communication centre with a membership of seven (7); four men and three women at SDA junction, Adenta Accra. Within a short period of time, one of our members Madam Elizabeth Appiah led us to Kwabenya white house for our services. This was after our all-night programmes had attracted many people who had then joined us and as a result, the business centre could not contain us.

When we started our worship at the white house, we affiliated with the Bethel Prayer Ministry International. As we grew from strength to strength, the chairman of Bethel Prayer Ministry International Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri declared the Kwabenya prayer camp autonomous.

After the declaration by Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri, the membership grew bigger and larger so therefore the leader of the camp Prophet Douglas Solomon Nana Tih thought it wise to acquire a spacious place for the smooth running of the camp. He consulted his dear wife Prophetess Mrs Comfort Abena Tih who obliged to the husband’s suggestion without hesitation.

Thereafter the Prophet Douglas Solomon Nana Tih who was a business man sold all his properties including the communication centre and bought a land at Kwabenya with the money accrued from the sales of the properties.

When the Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri heard about the land acquisition by Prophet Douglas Nana Tih, he was marveled, so he came down to Kwabenya and blessed the place. Thereafter the leader of the camp determined to build a temple that could contain about ten thousand people.

During one of our programmes, Prophet Douglas Nana Tih testified on how in the previous night God revealed to him the type of temple he should build. The moment Prophet Douglas Nana Tih finished his testimony, Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri also told the congregation what God had revealed to him the same night. He quoted that the Lord told him to bestow his anointing to Prophet Douglas Nana Tih. The Lord also said the covenant ark at the Sunyani prayer camp is transfered to the Kwabenya camp. So at that juncture Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri through the revelation declared Kwabenya prayer camp as the southern Ghana prayer camp.

Through God’s manifestation, the Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri commanded Prophet & Prophetess Douglas Nana Tih to be on their knees as he blessed and anointed them proclaiming God’s power and wisdom for them. Praises and honor unto our God most high, Amen. God also revealed to the Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri to lay his garment on Prophet Douglas Nana Tih and commanded him to change his name to Solomon. God also asked the Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri to anoint and choose Prophet Douglas Nana Tih as his right hand man or his second in command of the ministry.

Henceforth, the prayer camp experienced a tremendous revival and miracles beyond description.

In reference to the book of Issaiah chapter 62 vrs 2 (the gentiles shall see your righteousness and all kings your glory. You shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the lord will name). upon this revelation the Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri put off his own garment and laid it on Prophet & Prophetess Douglas Nana Tih to confirm what the lord had commanded him to do, in reference to Eligah and Elisha (1kings 20:9).

Thereafter, the unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit started performing miracles and wonders through the Prophet & Prophetess Douglas Nana Tih. To the astonishment of all walks of life who heard it,many people came and saw them. Praises and honor unto the most high, amen.

The Late Bishop also decreed that from that moment whatever the Prophet & Prophetess will say is what will happen.

A year after all these divine blessings from God, Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri died. The General Overseer, been so devastated, thought that was the end of his vision due to the challenges and enmities that emerged.

Even some pastors of the ministry who the Prophet knew as brothers in Christ started hating him just after the Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri anointed him and his wife. So the hatred was intensified after their mentor Bishop Dr Paul Owusu tabiri died.

Prophet Douglas Nana Tih was chosen as the acting chairman of Bethel Prayer Ministry International, worldwide. Suddenly, some of the Executive council of Bethel Prayer Ministry International decided to kick against the decree made by the Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri that Bethel Kwabenya Prayer Ministry was autonomous. They therefore disassociated themselves from Bethel Kwabenya Prayer Ministry challenging the General Overseer Prophet Douglas Nana Tih to do things on his own accord.

As whatever pronouncement made by God shall be established, we started to do things on our own that brought out Bethel Kwabenya Prayer Ministry. And when people heard all these events, they started joining the ministry in numbers. All these took place and still our membership keeps increasing day in day out.

They envisaged that the name of the church was going to be changed after they embarked on their ungodly act, but no we decided not to do that and now the power of God has brought both ministries together as brothers in Christ. We exchange peasantries and visit ourselves whenever the need arises.

As whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe he can achieve, and by the mighty hand of God the Solomon’s temple which was prophesized by the Late Bishop Dr Paul Owusu Tabiri is at the peak of completion. Glory unto his name, Amen.