Bethel Kwabenya Prayer Ministry was formed in 1997, a very significant year in our history with only seven members including the Prophet (Douglas Nana Tih) and the Prophetess (Mrs. Comfort Abena Tih) at Adenta as a prayer group, who meet regularly to pray and share the word of God.
In subsequent years membership grew in number and became a Pentecostal domination with a strong commitment to the course of Bethel Prayer Ministry International, Adenta branch.
By the year 2000 membership had grown immensely and it had received recognition from the late Bishop Dr. Paul Owusu Tabiri (Founder, Bethel Prayer Ministry International) who christened the camp as the Southern Ghana Prayer Camp of Bethel Prayer Ministry International representing the Southern part of the Republic of Ghana.

Our spiritual father,  the late Bishop Dr. Paul Owusu Tabiri remains our mentor. He elevated Prophet Douglas Nana Tih to the Executive level in Bethel Prayer Ministry International.

As result of divine wisdom on the Prophet, Bishop Dr. Paul Owusu Tabiri led by God`s spirit confered on him the name SOLOMON, this he said was derived from the Bible in Isaiah chapter 63:2b “ and then shall be called with a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name……………”

In a revelation the Almighty God announced to him (Bishop Paul Owusu Tabiri) that the Lord’s covenant with Bethel Prayer Ministry International at the Sunyani Prayer Camp has relocated to Bethel Kwabenya due to the genuineness and faithfulness at Bethel Kwabenya. This he supported with  2nd Kings 2:1.

He placed upon  Prophet Douglas Nana Tih his personal coat anointing and pronouncing that henceforth he shall inherit the double portion of His (Bishop Dr. Paul Owusu Tabiri)`s anointing.

Our story after the death of our mentor Bishop Dr. Paul Owusu Tabiri is just
as that of the Israelites after the death of Joseph in Egypt when the then

Pharoah denied the Jews.


The new leadership at Bethel Prayer Ministry International changed its perception about Bethel Kwabenya and expelled Bethel Kwabenya from the main stream- Bethel Prayer Ministry International without any tangible reason.In spite of this, the wife of our Late Bishop-Apostle (Mrs.) Georgina Owusu-Tabiri who disagrees with their decisions still participates in activities at Bethel Kwabenya Prayer Ministry hence,



we at Bethel Kwabenya Prayer Ministry have established a strong affiliation with our mentor’s family as part of our decision to adopt the family of the late Bishop and all other assemblies that share our common opinion including Pastors in the main stream (Bethel Prayer Ministry International) to keep the affiliation with our mentor Bishop Paul Owusu-Tabiri alive.

We hereby wish to state that our doors are still open for reconciliation towards affiliation from any reasonable leader who cherishes the vision of the late Bishop Dr. Paul Owusu-Tabiri.


“LUKE 14:28”

As stated earlier, our main vision is evangelism (Soul Winning) but  as part of our holistic ministry objectives we have short term plans:

First among these objectives is to cater for the needs of Orphans and Widows and other deprived people who deserve support.

We also wish to startup Church Buildingan Elementary School right after the completion of our Ultra Modern Church facility in December 2009. This is because, we have realized that the number of Elementary Schools within the location of the church are few and as such we want to avail ourselves as a channel of blessing to the community.

We are putting things in place to start holding Executive Christian Seminars for Pastors and church workers. We also intend to start a computer literacy program alongside as soon as practicable to educate people who are interested in upgrading their knowledge in this modern age  as a result of this, we intend to introduce wireless internet connectivity (wi-fi hotspot) within the church area.

We have a long term plan of putting up an ultra-modern medical facility as well as hostel facility to house inmates of the Prayer Camp and Bible school as well as any Christian who wants to go camping. This hostel facility is expected to house over 500 people both male and female with canteen facility and utilities such as internet and telephone connections.






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