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You are blessed to be here. This is an annointed house of prayer, a place where prayers are answered and people get their liberty and freedom.

Our prayer for you is that the God of all grace will be with you and annoint you with fresh oil. May his precious Spirit illuminate you as you have daily felowship with the Holyspirit and in His word. May He empower you to effectively communicate to others in His ultimate love and preserve your life as you walk with God. Amen!

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Weekly Meetings

Monday: 6:30pm -9:00pm School of the word & Miracles Services.

Tuesday: 9:30am – 12pm- Prayer and Deliverance.

Wednesday  6:30pm-8:30pm – Mid Week service

Thursday from 9:00pm – 3:00pm – Prayer and Counseling with the Prophets.

Second week Friday and last Friday of the month:  9:30pm – 4:00am-all night / powerful prayer session

Last Tuesday of the month to the following Sunday is the “Breaking & Deliverance service “ from 9:am – 2:30pm daily with exception of Friday morning session.

Sunday:  anointing service

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